Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marshmallow Mforcer - Review!

It's marshmallow time!

Check out the new Marshmallow Mforcer!

This marshmallow blaster is powered by an air tank system that is pumped up by a handle which is also designed as part of the front cover. The overall build quality is quite good and its logos are nicely etched into the casing.

It has an auto-rotating barrel and offers an ammo capacity of 15 mini-marshmallows. It also features a rear-loading ammo system too. After loading all the mini-marshmallow ammo, the blaster will require around 25+ pumps to fill up its air tank, then just pull the trigger to fire.

The Mforcer features a firing system that portions the air output per shot, therefore just continue pulling the trigger to fire more shots, the air tank stores enough air to keep firing the marshmallows in semi-auto.

As with such firing systems, as each shot is fired, the pressure in the air tank would steadily decrease, thereby providing less power to each subsequent shot. Therefore, to maintain the pressure and firing distance, it would be a good idea to add a few more pumps after every 5-6 shots.

With mini-marshmallows that fit properly (try out different marshmallow brands), the firing range is around 20-25ft with a full air tank.

Just right for firing shots into your co-worker's cubicle! :)


Marshmallow Mforcer - Box (Front)

Marshmallow Mforcer - Box (Back)

Marshmallow Mforcer - Side Profile

Marshmallow Mforcer - Pump Handle & Auto-Rotating Barrel

Marshmallow Mforcer - Rear Loading Ammo System

Marshmallow Mforcer - Mini-Marshmallow Ammo (Example, Sold Separately)

Marshmallow Mforcer - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Marshmallow Mforcer - Nerf Foam Dart Barrel Fit

Marshmallow Mforcer - Demo & Test Fire Video:

Looks abit like Earthworm Jim's Raygun huh?

Interestingly, the Marshmallow Mforcer could also fire Nerf foam darts (though in its original state, just one at a time).

All it requires is just some re-barrel and front cover customization work, and it could be a very nice semi-auto Nerf blaster! :)