Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mortar Pistol - Review!

Load up and blast large caliber foam "slug" ammo!

The Mortar Pistol is an air tank blaster mounted with a 6-barrel rotating turret that fires large foam "slug" ammo. It has a beefy pistol shaped form factor, but while its main body is still relatively narrow, its turret has a rather comical "over-sized" look. :)

The air tank system is filled up by an on-board pump situated at the back and nested inside the air tank. It takes around 3-4 pumps to fill up the air tank.

Its trigger system uses a large spring loaded plastic & rubber stopper assembly design. As the air tank is pressurized, the stopper assembly is held closed by the blocker catch to seal the air pressure. When the trigger is pulled, it releases the blocker catch and all the air exits at once, then the spring loaded stopper pushes back and re-seals the air tank.

This style of trigger system produces a large and immediate release of air, hence there is a loud "bang" sound every time it is fired... similar in effect to the trigger and air release system on the Marshmallow Mazooka.

The package comes with 6 x foam "slug" ammo. Average stock range is around 15-20ft (i've noticed that the included stock foam "slug" ammo seems too light in weight for this blaster, as they tend to stall or tumble randomly in mid-flight).

For internal photos of the Mortar Pistol, click Here.


Mortar Pistol - Box (Front)

Mortar Pistol - Box (Back)

Mortar Pistol - Un-Boxed

Mortar Pistol - 6-Barrel Turret with Foam "Slug" Ammo

Mortar Pistol - On-board Pump System

Mortar Pistol - Foam "Slug" Ammo vs Nerf Streamline Foam Dart

Mortar Pistol - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Mortar Pistol - Demo Video


Monday, August 1, 2011

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Review!

Looking for a 12-shot pistol-sized blaster?

Check out the Buzz Bee Rads 12!

The Rads 12 is a direct spring plunger powered blaster which features a special auto-rotating turret that houses 12 barrels and a top mounted lever action priming handle.

Its unique turret design comes in the form of a large main turret section combined with 4 smaller turret sections of 3 barrels each.

Each time it is primed, the main turret turns anti-clockwise 90 degrees, while each of the smaller turrets sections rotate 120 degrees in sync. This is controlled by a series of gears in the rotating mechanism.

The blaster is packaged with 12 x Buzz Bee suction tipped foam darts. It is also compatible with most Nerf foam darts too.

Average stock range is around 20-25ft.

For internal photos of the Buzz Bee Rads 12, click Here.


Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Un-Boxed

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Contents

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Barrel Layout

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Priming Handle

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Barrel Rotation Sequence

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Buzz Bee Rads 12 - Demo Video