Monday, December 14, 2009

No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster - Review!

Wish your beloved Maverick could be a true semi-auto blaster, yet still keeping to its compact form factor?

Well... i found No-Brand blasters which offer a glimpse at how semi-auto firing can be possible in a compact spring plunger blaster.

This No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster has internal mechanisms similar to a Nerf Maverick, it has the requisite 6-dart capacity with an auto advancing barrel, using a spring powered reverse plunger. It is compatible with most Nerf foam darts too.

But the big difference lies in the fact that it does not require any separate priming action to pull back the spring plunger, it does this by incorporating the priming action into the trigger pull.

This action is controlled by a "rocker-catch" component in the trigger that pulls back the spring plunger when the trigger is pulled and releases it when the trigger reaches the end of its travel, at the same time the barrel advances to the next dart in time to fire it.

As expected, the plunger and spring is smaller than usual (for ease of trigger pull), therefore its firing range averages just around 10-15 ft.

It is possible to increase firing range by putting in stronger springs, but then the big question would be: How strong are your trigger fingers? :)

Still... with 2 of these semi-auto blasters, players can finally dual wield "pistols" for close quarter office cubicle Nerf games!

Watch a video of how the internal mechanism works Here.


No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster - Side Profile

No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster - Internals Comparison with Nerf Maverick

No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster - Internals

No-Brand Semi-Auto Blaster - Test Fire Video

Yup... i'm sure many of you modders out there can get some ideas from this blaster's semi-auto mechanism design. :)


  1. I really want that but I live in the USA. Is it available on Amazon? Target? Walmart? Kmart?
    Please! I have tried to find a blastfire dx500 but this is even cooler!

  2. Meh, I'll tale a blastfire anyday. But thats an awesome find.

  3. Where did you get this?
    also im planning to make a nerf gunblade, ideas?
    i was thinking of using the rapid fire rifle and using the bottom barrel as the place for the blade to come out of, small PVC coming out after i cut it open, covered in foam = win

  4. I got these blasters at my local neighbourhood toy shop in Singapore, they are the typical cheap no-brand items, costs just a few bucks each.

    I call these blasters "No-Brand" because they are just packaged in cardboard blister packs labelled simply as "Soft Dart Gun", without any details of the manufacturer or distributor.

    Imho... there are many unknown no-brand toys stacked on shop shelves, but once in a while, its interesting to find ones with surprising features! :)

    1. Where did you find the dart gun in Singapore?

    2. Anonymous,

      Usually at those neighborhood toy shops or pasar malam stalls, you'll have to shop around to find them though 'cos their availability is quite sporadic.

      Anyways, Nerf has already released a semi-auto blaster which works in a similar way (launched in 2012), its called the Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 and it performs much better. :)

      Here is my review link on it:

    3. Oh thanks for the info then

  5. thanks that was really helpful


    I know blastfires are cooler but it is almost imposible to get one where I live.

  6. You do realize the Hornet has the exact same features as the Blastfire? Only difference is it takes 20 pumps and has 6 barrels. You can find them for cheap too... they are sold as a replacement part for the Titan for 5-10$.

    I fail to see how this is anything like the blastfire save for the semi-automatic capability.

  7. wow....

    i wish i could get that.
    i rly need semi-auto.

  8. could i buy one off you, i unfortunetly live in england but these look so good, im pritcy96 of chatroll by the way.

  9. Well, hopefully when i can find more sets (or even find the manufacturer/supplier), i'll definitely post an update on it. :)

  10. what a find! That would be a hard mod for the maverick, you'd probably have to replace the trigger.If I were you I'd either do a mod on
    here of how to make your maverick
    do semi-auto fire but that would be hard, so
    like you said try get some more or find the manufacturer

  11. Thanks, be sure to do that as i would be VERY interested

  12. i'd buy them. your need to find how to get more i'd buy.

  13. can i buy these online? can anyone post a link? finally found a semi auto gun thats not a pump.

  14. where did u buy it? it's so cool

  15. As mentioned on earlier comments, i got them from my local neighbourhood toy shop in Singapore.

    No printed details on the manufacturer or supplier though, so at the moment i've no clue how to source for more.

  16. could you ask the owner of the shop where they or who they sold the guns for, you might be able to find the manufacture.

  17. Yup, I've enquired with the toy shop owner and he referred me to the local supplier, but it turns out that supplier is no longer around anymore, so i sort of hit a dead-end on my side. Will have to do more searching online and offline.

  18. thanks for the reveiw and information.

    this intrigued me. Searching revealed a product called "Soft Bullet gun"

    this seams to be a way to buy them by the case
    not individualy and no prices were displayed.

    this site claimed that the manufacturer is

    the Hang Wing Plastic industry company.
    further searching revealed there site at.
    however there site seams diffcult to navigate.

    i have yet to see these for sale in my local toy stores or online sadly.
    I hope these links help
    -Salty Dog

  19. Cool, thanks for that useful info! That trade link shows the blaster in a different box packaging from the one i got, but the unit does look the same. Will check with the manufacturer to confirm if their version has the same semi-auto function. :)

  20. I also found another china manufacturer
    hdtoys that has several versions.
    (Huada Toys Imp.&Exp. trading co.,Ltd.)
    heres a link to a blister pack version.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to post another picture of the blasters internals by itself, in higher resolution? and possibly a vid clip of the mechanism moving while opened?

    thanks again for your hard work

  21. Thanks for the additional manufacturer links!

    Yup, i'll post a close-up shot of the blaster internals, along with a video clip of how the mechanism works. Stay tuned! :)

  22. I found another one by the same people for sale. Seems to have a clip.

  23. Yup, thats another version with a similiar firing mechanism too, except with a upward advancing clip. Would be interesting to get hold of a set to try out too. :)

  24. I'm gonna put this semi auto system into the nerf gun I'm building. :D

  25. Nacl,

    I've posted up a close-up of the blaster's internal mechanism and a video of its mechanism in operation.

    Check it out:

  26. Thanks a lot this was very useful!
    Sorry I took so long to respond I was away.
    _NaCl Canis

  27. Hey, that shouldnt be to hard to do to a maverick. I dont think a tek 6 could do it however. PS do you guys (in Singapore) have the tek 6 ? We ( the states) do. If you can get some, try a review :p

  28. hey could you maybe post the box online so we could see the art design of it? People might be able to find out what it is by knowing that or at least get closer to finding out

  29. Chris,

    I'm also working on duplicating the semi-auto mechanism on my Mavericks too, in theory it should be possible on any blaster with internals like the Maverick.

    Yup, we do have Tek 6 in Singapore, though not many nerfers here actually use them.

  30. sam,

    Yeah, i'd have wanted to post up a photo of the blister packs too, unfortunately i tossed them away before doing the review.

    Hopefully if i manage to find another set of these blasters, i'll get a photo of the blister pack posted up.

    In the meantime, do keep an eye out for the blasters at stores in your area, might be lucky enough to find them. :)

  31. I found an automatic blaster that came with 2x
    clips, with a five dart capacity in each clip,
    and it was compatible with nerf darts too.
    I found it at wallgreens, ( dont know if you have wallgreens in singapore) sorry I did'nt buy it, but i'll come back with it as soon as possible and and show how it works with a link to a video

  32. Is it possible to mod the maverick internals to work like the semi auto?

  33. forkandtheroad,

    Yup, its possible.

    Just requires a whole bunch of re-adjustments to the Maverick internals and a customised trigger-to-plunger pull mechanism... and a very strong trigger finger. :)

  34. Can you sell one on Ebay?
    Starting on Ebay soon, not yet though.

  35. Rockyusa,

    Perhaps... if i can manage to find more sets of these blasters. :)

  36. Can you show us a modified on too?

  37. speedsnow,

    Well... in stock form, these blasters already don't have any Air Restrictors, so no ARs to remove.

    I've tested replacing the original springs to stronger aftermarket spring, but it ends up more difficult to pull the trigger. Range improvements from stronger springs were very marginal because of the limited air volume of its small plunger.

    I've also tested rebarrelling the barrels with dart-fitting PETG and Brass tubes, but the performance increase is insignificant at best (it needs alot more air power to take advantage of such rebarrel mods).

    Overall, although its possible to modify these blasters for more range, it'll be alot of effort for very limited improvements. There are inherent power limitations due to its trigger-priming design, small springs and tiny plunger.

    So i'd see these blasters more as interesting concepts to generate ideas from, rather than blasters for practical use in actual games. :)

  38. I have been doing a search ofthe company website and they also have nitefinders and mavericks for sale on there, they seem to be cheaper versions on them, as well as a few interesting 'pocket' rocket launchers


    I think i found it

  40. SG Nerf,

    Which part of Singapore is your local store at?I wanna try and see whether i can get one of those.Thanks

  41. Zul,

    I got my sets from a toy shop at the 3rd level of Beauty World at Bukit Timah.

    Not sure if they still have stock 'cos it's been a while since i've been there, but you can check it out.

  42. Okay thanks alot SG would be cool to wield those on the battlefield.

  43. I may Frankenstein this into my recon, although for semi-auto for battlefield use, I will just use electronics jacked into the Stampede (knock on wood!) drive system to make it select-fire. Anyways, nice find!

  44. haf u taken out airs for this gun/

  45. Thanks for all the help. I'm from australia and i'm going to singapore soon. Becoz of u i know all the guns and prices.

  46. devilarm999,

    The air-restrictors? There are actually no ARs in the blaster in the first place. :)

  47. o cool. Is there any modsto make it shoot further tho. i guess you could add another spring.

  48. SgNerf

    I know that adding spring will add range but eff up the RoF because the power but as stock, how is the trigger pull? Can u compare it to another blaster say a maverick or NF plz. my friend devilarm999 is goin to singapore so i might ask him to pick sone up for me if the trigger pull if comfy

  49. Master,

    The stock trigger pull requires more force than in normal blasters like a Maverick or Nite Finder, since the trigger pull also includes compressing the spring at the same time.

    It feels almost like a finger grip exercise device. :)

  50. SG Nerf,

    Haha lol interesting so RoF will be descent depending on strength. Hmmm i better get exercising to get stronger. Im plannin to dual wield or akimbo them for a small arms nerf war.

  51. Master,
    My msn account is
    I might be able to get u akimbo of these, but i'm going in quite a while and i don't know if they will be there.

  52. Looks like you could get allot of money if you start selling them.
    Why not sell the newest Nerf products? SG gets allot of Nerf stuff before allot of other countries around the world.

  53. Shnowman,

    Well, i do sometimes just help to purchase and send new blasters to friends overseas occasionally (if i have the time and can find the items), but i don't do it as an actual business (not too keen to overcharge others just to make some profit) as i'm more of a hobby enthusiast. :)

  54. so where in singapore did u find these guns coz i live in singapore too

  55. David,

    I got them from random neighbourhood toy shops and pasar malam stalls. Their stock availability is very sporadic so you have to scout around at the small shops to find them... it all depends on luck. :)

  56. hey i was wondering if these airzone products are semi auto as well

  57. najjar,

    Well, they seem to have a priming handle at the top (with the words ">>> Reload") so it seems those Ar Zone blasters work like Nerf Mavericks, therefore not semi-auto.

    You could get a set to try out though, see how they actually work. :)

  58. TheWthName,

    Put on Amazon? I'm not a shop or commercial seller, i'm just a hobby enthusiast like everyone else. :)

  59. if you have already made this for your maverick, can i have a link to it?

    1. Iron Archer,

      I've not done this type of conversion mod on my Mavericks yet... i was actually hoping other modders would do it and post up their guides too, so that i could also refer to them. :)

    2. Iron Archer,

      Btw, there is an upcoming Nerf blaster called the Snapfire 8 which also uses this trigger primed firing system, do look out for that model appearing in stores soon. :)