Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buzz Bee Berserker - Review!

Behold the Buzz Bee Berserker!

The Berserker is indeed one of the more unique blasters around, it combines both a foam dart blaster and foam missle launcher in one unit!

Its foam dart blaster section uses a spring plunger mechanism and is primed via a foregrip pump action. It has a 20 dart ammo capacity within an auto-advancing barrel system. Firing range for foam darts average 25-30ft. The blaster is compatible with Nerf foam darts too.

Its foam missile launcher section uses an air tank system that is filled up by a pump handle positioned at its rear. It can hold 1 foam missile and takes around 7-8 pumps to fill up its air tank. Firing range for foam missiles average 30+ ft.

The Berserker uses a dual trigger system to control the firing of the foam darts and foam missile.

Side Note: A really odd thing i've noticed on this blaster is how tiny the trigger firing grip is (check out the scale comparison photo below), it seems to be designed just for little people! For some users, replacing the grip with a bigger and more comfortable version would most likely be part of their "to mod" list. :)


Buzz Bee Berserker - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Berserker - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Berserker - Un-Boxed

Buzz Bee Berserker - 20 Foam Darts + 1 Foam Missile Capacity

Buzz Bee Berserker - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Buzz Bee Berserker - Test Fire Video

Overall, the Berserker quite an interesting combo blaster, ideal for those who like integrated blaster designs.

It would also be useful in game scenarios that feature special rules for foam missile hits too (ie. with "foam missile eliminates shield players" rule).


  1. Are these buzzbee blasters as reliable and affective as Nerf ones?

  2. Imho, Nerf blasters usually have better overall build quality and design. Though Buzz Bee blasters are not that far behind.

    In terms of effectiveness, both brands showcase different features in their blaster models, so it'll depend on your gameplay style. :)

  3. can u make a article on the internals and modding if possible? i badly want this thing and bo liao if cannot mod or dont know...

  4. Well, i don't plan to mod it but will post up something if i do.

    In the meantime, you can check at the other Nerf forums like NerfHaven or NerfHQ, there are some mod threads on this blaster over there too.

  5. How come i never saw one? tht so cool and if u get anyvulcan mods can u tell me?cuz I never moded a nerf gun and since vulcan stinks ill try it on it so tell me if u find one:)

  6. Umm I don't own one of these but they do have them at my local store... Do you think this blaster can take different types of those big rocket darts? Because I have plenty of these rocket darts and I was wondering if different rocket darts can be used.

  7. Well, I've tested the Berserker's foam missle launcher with the Spy Gear Signal Launcher foam missiles and they could fit well.

    Not too sure about the exact dimensions of the big rocket darts you have, but if they are the usual Buzz Bee sized ones, then they should be able to fit too.

  8. which toysrus outlet in s'pore did you get the berserker?

  9. weaponhazard,

    The Buzz Bee Berserker is currently not avaliable in Singapore.

    I ordered my units online from and got them shipped in via a 3rd party USA to SG shipping service.

  10. dude you know that berserker is out at singapore rite?

  11. lol123,

    Yup, they are now available at Toys R Us stores in Singapore, on special clearance sale too. :)

  12. is trigger for the rocket sturdy?
    the rocket trigger is farthest from the handle, right?
    (I don't want it to break on me like the big blast)

  13. kyle,

    The trigger mechanism for the Buzz Bee Berserker's foam rocket launcher section is similiar to the trigger mechanism on the Buzz Bee Big Blast, so i guess it'll have similar sturdiness.

  14. Does it fire Whistler or other Nerf darts, or only BuzzBee?

    1. Milez,

      It can use most Nerf foam darts too.