Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Air Zone Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster - Preview!

Looks like the flywheel powered blaster trend is continuing with yet another new flywheel blaster from Air Zone... but with a 48 shot ammo capacity!

Dual flywheels in vertical layout (similar to the Nerf Barricade), but in a much larger scale.

The new blaster designs from 3rd-party brands are starting to look much better nowadays, the Quick Fire 48 even has a removable shoulder stock... which has a rather uncanny resemblance to the Nerf Raider shoulder stock. :)

Photos of the box:

Photos: Toys R Us USA

Product Link at Toys R Us USA website, Click Here.


  1. ooooohh, but could you convert it to semi auto or full auto???

  2. wanna-be,

    As stated on the box cover, it is already a semi-auto blaster.

    Until i get an actual set to test out, i can't really comment on how easy or difficult, or even if its possible, to convert it into a full auto blaster.

  3. This thing looks great, any idea if it's in stores already? I'm gonna guess you pull the trigger to advance the darts, and the pump is to rotate the chamber.

  4. The blaster isn't a true semi-auto because you need to pull the pump to rotate the barrel for the next 4 darts. Regardless I'm very curious about it's modding potential as it seems like it'd be a great gun for humans vs zombies.

  5. Kyle Collins,

    Thats true... from reviews by those who have gotten the Quick Fire 48, they mention that its trigger is a non-functional component and the firing sequence is controlled by the pump-action grip.

    So i guess its a sort of pump-action activated-shot blaster. :)

  6. I eyed this thing the other day while at Toys R Us and almost bought it except for the horrible experience I had with another air zone flywheel blaster. I see the potential really being with those who like to steam punk.

  7. Just picked this up yesterday. It is awesome. I hosted a small Nerf war today and my friends said they want to get this gun. It has 40 foot ranges, no kidding. Get this gun!

  8. Best flywheel gun I've found yet. The trigger is just for looks, it's the pump-action that actually advances and fires the darts. I've found that the harder that you push the pump handle forward the farther they go. The pump-action advances the barrel each time so it doesn't empty one set before going to the next. It actually fires the entire first row than the entire 2nd row etc. All in all it works great and feels solid. Also the darts that came with it while shorter than stock nerf darts are build better and with a ridged tube though the center.

  9. You Singapore fellows need to set up a supply line for us US NERFers for all the awesome blasters you guys have over there!

  10. 1. Is this available in M'sia?
    2. How tough the material is?
    3. Like Paul said, the darts that come with it is shorter, but, will the gun fits NERF darts, in stock condition?
    4. How often it jams?
    5. How fast is the RoF?

    Anyone, please answer.

  11. It will fir Nerf darts after you shorten the darts a little. It will jam if you try to cycle the pump handle too quickly. It has a decent RoF, but you get better ranges if you let the flywheels spin back up after each shot. As stated earlier: pull back on the pump handle then slide it forward. Pulling back turns the cylinder/barrels. Sliding it forward again pushes the dart into contact with the flywheels.
    As far as modding is concerned... Standard flywheel mods apply. It runs on 4 AA's/6v.

  12. The darts it comes with are a very good quality. While there are a few errors in them they are built much better than Nerf darts. The tips are heavier so they travel farther than Nerf darts in powerful guns. They also have straw like tubes in them so that they don't bend and break. I find them great.

  13. noobs this is cool BUT
    an amazing 48 bullets can be fired in 48 seconds
    an amazing 48 bullets can be reloaded in 48 years
    thats why every body should buy...
    it has full auto capabilities
    AND has a 50 dart drum
    AND is awesome like me

  14. @Mooquak I have found that with practice you can reload very quickly. Also, the stampede comes with 18 round mags, not a 50 round drum. You are the noob for not realizing that that picture with the 50 round drum was fake.

  15. @Mooquak - what j said...

    actually go out and buy a stampede before you tell us about it :P

  16. Are you going to make a Airzone punisher review?
    I'm planning on getting one soon,And I'd like to hear the review from you.

  17. 0SumGuy0,

    No plans to review the Airzone Punisher, i actually had one a while back... its basically like a belt-fed Buzz Bee Tommy 20 with fake spinning barrels. It wasn't worth posting up a review and my unit broke after some usage anyways, so i threw it away.

    Imho, get a Nerf Vulcan... its a better (and higher quality) blaster in comparison.

  18. At first I wanted to get a vulcan,But I only want the punisher for it's minigun/gatling gun-like looks. It's mainly just 'cause I want it for CoD like killstreaks,because I mainly base my nerf wars off of CoD.Are there any other nerf blasters that looks like a gatling gun that's better? If not,should I get the Vulcan,Or the stampede?

  19. 0SumGuy0,

    Well, in that case, if you are looking for blasters based on their design (rather than actual Nerf game effectiveness), then i guess you could just get the Punisher.

    For actual Nerf games, a Stampede would definitely be more effective than both the Vulcan or Punisher.

  20. Thanks,Btw I just got a stampede today,Along with the hawk,quick 16,and a ammo bag kit. This marks the near end to my small collection. (30+ nerf guns makes my friends already think I have a ton, and when I showed them ahtahnie's arsenal,Their jaws dropped.) Well,Enough about me; Let's get down to another question. (You must deal with a lot of questions like this. :S) Should I get 2 of the Lanard/The corps scatter blast,or should I get that lanard shotgun? (The one that shoots three darts at a time.)

  21. 0SumGuy0,

    Get the Lanard Quadshot/Tripleshot.

  22. Get the official HvZ logo Tripleshot.
    And I'm currently in the making to put a motor on my Ps48 to make it automatic. Though I'm also gonna place it under-arm mounted. Kinda extreme

  23. can this be found in singapore ? and does it need batteries ?

  24. bryan,

    Its not available in Singapore, has to be ordered from overseas or online.

    Yes, it requires batteries to operate 'cos its a motorized flywheel blaster.

  25. I have one of these. It completely kills the Stampede and all Nerf semi-auto/full-auto blasters. Gets about 40 feet. ROF is better than the Stampede's. Nerf darts do not work very well, but Buzz Bee darts work. I highly recommend this blaster.