Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lanard Big Salvo - Review!

Now here is a blaster that has been around for a while, and i managed to get a few sets recently to try out.

The Lanard Big Salvo!

The Lanard Big Salvo is an air tank powered blaster which is primed by filling its individual air tank chambers via an on-board pump handle, it takes around 9-10 pumps to fill up all its air tanks.

Its firing style resembles the Buzz Bee Tetra-Strike, except that it has a larger form factor and fires foam arrows instead of foam darts.

It has 4 barrels which can be fired in either semi-auto or full-burst "salvo". The firing mode is controlled by trigger pull travel, each progressive quarter travel of the trigger pull fires off one shot, the barrel firing sequence is in a counter-clockwise direction.

If the trigger is pulled fully in one quick action, the shots can be fired off in a full-burst "salvo" effect.

The Big Salvo comes with 4 x foam arrows. The average range is around 35-40ft in both semi-auto and full-burst "salvo" fire modes.

Due to the size and finned design of the foam arrows that it fires, i've found this blaster particularly ideal for simulating an "artillery" strike on opponents hiding behind cover.

Just fire it at a higher angle (which also increases range too) and the foam arrows will fly in a nice lob trajectory, raining directly down upon unsuspecting players. :)


Lanard Big Salvo - Box (Front)

Lanard Big Salvo - Box (Back)

Lanard Big Salvo - Un-Boxed

Lanard Big Salvo - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Lanard Big Salvo - Test Fire Video