Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lanard Scatter Blast - Review!

Ever wondered about the possibility of equipping foam dart grenades to add new gameplay tactics to your nerf games?

Now you can! With the Lanard Scatter Blast!

The Scatter Blast operates via an air tank system which is filled by a pump stalk that also acts as its stabilizing tail fin. Around 15 pumps is recommended to fill up its air tank. The trigger system is a foam covered orange pressure cap situated within the front tip of the Scatter Blast.

There is also a safety switch which prevents the Scatter Blast from triggering off while being carried around... very important! :)

As the Scatter Blast is designed to be thrown over distance to its target, it is light-weight and its body is covered in soft foam, this cushions any impact if it happens to come into contact with people or objects. I've tested being hit directly by the Scatter Blast itself at close range, the effect is similiar to just being hit by a soft foam ball or tennis ball, so it is safe for usage in nerf games.

It has an ammo capacity for 6 foam darts that are distributed evenly around the middle of the Scatter Blast. In this configuration, when the trigger cap is struck, the foam darts fire outwards in a spread pattern.

The Scatter Blast package comes with 10 foam darts (Lanard actually includes 4 extra foam darts as spares). It is also compatible with all Nerf foam darts too!

In terms of range, there are 2 aspects to consider... how far you can throw it and the area effect radius.

Because the Scatter Blast is light-weight and shaped somewhat like a rugby ball, if you have a good throwing technique, its possible to lob it quite a distance!

For maximum effect, it is best to throw the Scatter Blast at a high trajectory. As its front section is designed to be heavier than the rest of the body, if thrown correctly, it will land directly on the orange pressure cap to fire the foam darts.

On impact, i've measured the foam darts firing outwards on average 10 ft vertically with a potential (though unpredictable!) 10 ft area effect radius. This makes it useful for lobbing around corners or over walls to tag hidden players!


Lanard Scatter Blast - Box (Front)

Lanard Scatter Blast - Box (Back)

Lanard Scatter Blast - Un-Boxed

Lanard Scatter Blast - Ammo Capacity (6 Foam Darts)

Lanard Scatter Blast - Safety Switch

Lanard Scatter Blast - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Lanard Scatter Blast Demo & Test Fire Video:

Lanard Scatter Blast Test Fire Video (Outdoors):

The Lanard Scatter Blast is definitely a fun addition to any nerf collection! Think i'll need a few more... :)

Alternative Tactics: If you ever need to unleash multiple shots at close range, just point a Scatter Blast backwards and press the trigger cap, it'll fire off a hail of 6 shots at your opponent's direction!


  1. Is that in the USA? Is it on

  2. Yup, you can get it from stores in the USA or online from :)

  3. I'm now imagining a claymore style trap that would fire blaster darts at low, medium, and high elevations. "Detonation" could be done:

    1) remotely with a simple low power RF transmitter
    2) photovoltaic cell - if the light level changes significantly, like a poor-man's motion sensor

    Both of these parts are semi-cheap at most electronics hobby-shops.

  4. do note, that they are sold out on amazon and I've been browsing arround and the only ones I've found are 2 on ebay for $33.30 each. Lanarad's own website doesn't list them...
    anyone else have better luck?

  5. May i know if this thing sell in singapore and how much is it.

  6. timothy,

    Lanard Scatter Blasts are not available locally, they have to be ordered from overseas.

  7. Shafable pedamore,

    So far i've not seen them available in M'sia stores.

    I ordered my sets from :)

  8. can this grenade work with nerf darts such as the streamlines or stefans?

  9. OMGitsDeeJay15,

    It can work with Nerf streamline foam darts, but for Stefans you'll need to remove the dart positioning stalks in the barrels before the Stefans can fit.

  10. They're being stocked in Aus Targets now, for $15, if anyone who wants these in Aus is interested. I've waited like a year for them.

  11. Oh, and do you still have yours? If so, do the darts in yours just go anywhere, as opposed to a 'designated' path, such as a hexagon shape?

  12. P13c30fch33s3,

    It depends on the angle the Scatter Blast lands on a surface, the foam darts usually just fire out in the direction perpendicular to where the unit lands on.

    I guess these are toys, not designed to be pinpoint accurate items, there are no "designated" paths. :)

  13. what stores have you seen them in

  14. jrnick,

    Well, they are not available in Singapore (where i live), so i've only been able to order them from online sites like Amazon or eBay.

  15. Shardbearer,

    You can refer to some internal photos of the Scatter Blast at this NerfHaven thread:

  16. What happens if you over pump it? I might forget if I pumped it already if I did earlier...

  17. 0SumGuy0,

    The pump seems to have an over pressure relief feature (like in most air tank based blasters), so if you over-pump it the excess air pressure will just automatically escape from a valve in the pump.

    Though if you are not sure, just activate it to fire off the air tank and then pump it up again.

  18. these are available in most if not all walmarts in the US. They are located in the action figure aisle and have been rebranded as "CORPS Scatter Blast". Typically they are in the action figure aisle that HALO and GIJoe figures are in, next to "The CORPS" action figures. retail in us: $10

  19. I snagged a Lanard Scatter Blast last thursday at a Wal-Mart in WV. It was 10$, and they had plenty of them.

  20. Very late questions:

    1. Does it still fire when the tail/pump is extended?

    2. Does extending the tail/pump improve stability at all?

    1. Bfa,

      Yes, it can still fire with the pump stalk extended.

      Having the pump stalk extended doesn't seem to noticeably affect the actual stability when thrown though. :)

  21. I picked one of these up two years ago on my trip the the U.K and I got it for quite a reasonable price when you convert it to Australian Dollars. It's loads of fun to use in Nerf Wars and go all rage face on your enemies and blow em' up with a armada of 6 foam darts!