Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Review!

Many of us have probably strolled past the Spy Gear shelves at our local stores many times but paid scant heed to their little gadgets on display...

Well, there is one item that should definitely warrant attention: Spy Gear Signal Launcher!

The Signal Launcher uses a compressed air system filled by a pump handle in the front. It comes with 3 x Foam Missiles (with Alert, Caution & Recon features) which emit whistling sounds in flight.

The packaging and build quality is surprisingly professional, its box carton is even contoured to fit the various components and the launcher feels solid.

Okay I shall say it upfront: This is by far the most powerful compact foam missile launcher i've ever tested! For its compact size, it could almost match the much bigger Nerf Titan in raw power and foam missile velocity!

At just 10-12 pumps, firing range is a blazing 45+ feet! Easily more if fired at a high trajectory... the foam missiles get shot out at such a high velocity that you'll be amazed at the sheer speed. Just get one and try it out, you'll see what i mean!

In addition, it is fully compatible with Buzz Bee foam missiles too!

Overall, the Spy Gear Signal Launcher is by far the most surprising foam missile launcher that i've ever encountered... who knew such a compact pump launcher could contain so much power? :)


Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Box (Front)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Box (Back)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Un-Boxed

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Profile (Alert, Caution & Recon Foam Missiles)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Assembled (Foam Missiles in Clip Holders)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Compatible with Buzz Bee Foam Missiles!

Imho... this is indeed an amazing compact foam missile launcher, highly recommended! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Arrows - Review!

For Bow n' Arrow fans, check out the Super Arrows!

Just to clarify, these are "off-brand" oem versions of the Buzz Bee Power Bow (named the Super Arrows), other than different brand stickers, foam arrow colour and grip material, both versions are identical in overall design and operation.

The is a compact blaster that uses a spring plunger mechanism without trigger lock (like the classic Nerf Bow n' Arrow). Just load in the foam arrow, pull back the rear handle and release to fire. For best performance, this blaster is designed to be aimed at a higher trajectory, like a bow. Range is around 25+ feet.

It's arms can be extended or folded for easy portability. Note that the bow strings are only for mock effect, they don't affect the firing power.

One more thing... the Super Arrows is actually compatible with Nerf foam darts too! :)


Super Arrows - Box (Front)

Super Arrows - Box (Back)

Super Arrows - Bow Arms Extended & Folded

Super Arrows - Scale Comparison with Maverick

Super Arrows - Ammo Scale Comparison

Super Arrows - Compatible with Nerf Foam Darts

Super Arrows - Test Fire Video:

Btw, in the video, i didn't hold the front handle grip so as to provide a clearer view of the foam darts. :)

These short bows actually remind me of those compact recurve bows used by mongol raiders on horseback!

When, Where & Price?
Date of Purchase: 10th March 2009
Location: OG Orchard (Singapore)
Price: SGD$7.90

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Review!

Ah... the Winchester Model 1873, one of the most famous repeater rifles in the Wild West.

Relive the action with the Buzz Bee Rapid Fire!

The Rapid Fire features a lever-action repeating rifle mechanism, with a shell-based ammo system.

Just push the lever down with your last 3 fingers, load the 6 dart magazine, pull back up the lever and you're all ready. After every shot, repeat the process and an empty shell will eject out followed by the chambering of the next shelled foam dart.

This shell-based magazine system is actually very effective, if used properly with practice, the chances of jams are quite rare.

Range of this blaster is around 25-30 feet. It is also compatible with most Nerf foam darts (some may require slight adjustments to fit properly).

Note that the lever is made of metal and requires quite abit of effort to crank, so you'd need to use some "elbow grease" to operate it (definitely not for weaklings!).


Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Box (Un-Boxed)

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Magazine with Shelled Foam Darts

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Close-up of Chamber Mechanism

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Buzz Bee Rapid Fire - Test Fire Video:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Buzz Bee Big Blast - Review!

"Bazooka!"... thats what people say when they see the Buzz Bee Big Blast!

The Big Blast is powered by a compressed air system (like the smaller Mega Missile) and its sleek black casing houses a large pressure chamber. This is filled via a rear handle with full pump travel. It will require around 14-15 pumps to fill up the pressure tank.

It comes packaged with 2 x foam missiles with stabilizer fins, and these foam missiles can be fired to a distance of around 25-30 feet. If aimed at a higher trajectory, distances of up to 35+ feet can be quite easily attained too.

Watch where you shoot those foam missiles though, they have enough mass to knock small objects off your desk! :)

Note: There is now a new version for 2009, check it out Here.


Buzz Bee Big Blast - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Big Blast - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Big Blast - Un-boxed

Buzz Bee Big Blast - Ammo Scale Comparison

Buzz Bee Big Blast - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Kinda looks like the Rocket Launcher in Doom right? :)

When, Where & Price?
Date of Purchase: 15th December 2008
Location: Toys R Us Suntec (Singapore)
Price: SGD$24.95

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Review!

Looking for something compact, yet packs a punch?

Check out the Buzz Bee Mega Missile!

The Mega Missile comes with 2 x foam missiles with stabilizer fins. It uses a compressed air system which is filled via a rear pump handle. The odd thing to note is that this pump handle has an very short pump action (just an inch of travel) and it'll need around 12-15 pumps to fill up its pressure tank.

Aimed horizontally, the firing range isn't fantastic, achieving a distance of only around 20+ feet.

The trick is to aim it at a higher trajectory, it's foam missile has more "air time" to travel and can soar to a much further range, reaching to a distance of 30+ feet quite accurately.

Be careful where you aim it when indoors though, the foam missiles carry more mass than foam darts, they can easily knock over small picture frames and vases! :)


Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Un-Boxed

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Ammo Scale Comparison

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

I guess you could think of it as a miniature short-range version of the Nerf Titan! :)

When, Where & Price?
Date of Purchase: 10th December 2008
Location: Toys R Us Paragon (Singapore)
Price: SGD$14.95

Monday, March 9, 2009

Buzz Bee Double Shot - Review!

- Ash, Army of Darkness

Remember the movie Army of Darkness? Watching Ash blast away undead with his 12 Gauge Double Barreled Remington (aka "Boomstick!") was simply priceless!

Over the years, zombie-themed movies have also featured dual barreled shotguns being the preferred firearm for suppressing hordes of zombies and ghouls. It'll be fun to re-enact those scenes... you know, just to practice in case of zombie infestation!

Well, Buzz Bee has answered that call with the Buzz Bee Double Shot!

The Double Shot uses a spring powered air plunger system that is primed by "breaking" open the blaster (replicating the action of a remington), a taut cord inside the mechanism pulls back the plunger.

This blaster features an interesting shell-based ammo system, it comes with 4 plastic ammo shells which you slot foam darts into (compatible with most nerf foam darts). After you "break" open the blaster, just load in the 2 prepared shells.

Snap close the blaster, aim and fire. The trigger system is 2-stage, which means you can fire off 1 shot at a time (left barrel then right barrel) by pulling the trigger lightly once then harder another time. Or you can just pull the trigger all the way to fire off both shots at the same time.

Range is comparable to Nerf blasters at around 25-30 feet.

Here comes the fun part... "break" open the blaster, both empty shells will fly out and hit the floor with a most satisfying "clink-clunk"! ... But don't stop, quickly load in another 2 prepared shells and snap back to fire, the zombies are rushing in!

Arrrgh... my brains...  


Buzz Bee Double Shot - Box (Front)


Buzz Bee Double Shot - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Double Shot - Un-Boxed

Buzz Bee Double Shot - "Break" Open to Load Ammo Shells!

Buzz Bee Double Shot - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Buzz Bee Double Shot - Test Fire Video:

... and of course, enjoy the classic "Boomstick!" scene:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

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