Friday, June 25, 2010

Buzz Bee Hunter - Review!

Bolt action rifle fans are in for a treat... once again, Buzz Bee cranks out yet another interesting blaster.

Check out the new Buzz Bee Hunter!

The Buzz Bee Hunter is a bolt action, spring-powered direct plunger (you read it right!), single-shot manual-reload blaster.

It comes packaged with 4 foam darts. The breech system is compatible with both Buzz Bee and Nerf foam darts. Some Nerf foam darts may need to be trimmed abit shorter for a better fit.

The firing range averages around 25+ ft.

There are ammo storage sections at its side (2 foam darts) and inside its shoulder stock (4 foam darts).

The Hunter is very compact in size... in fact, the shoulder stock is so small that most adults probably can't really use it as a support, so i guess some users might use it like a bolt action "pistol" instead! :)

For internal photos of the Buzz Bee Hunter, click Here.


Buzz Bee Hunter - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Hunter - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Hunter - Un-boxed

Buzz Bee Hunter - Bolt Action (Open/Closed)

Buzz Bee Hunter - Side Ammo Storage (2 foam darts)

Buzz Bee Hunter - Shoulder Stock Ammo Storage (4 foam darts)

Buzz Bee Hunter - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Buzz Bee Hunter - Demo/Test Fire & Internals Video

Overall, the Buzz Bee Hunter is quite a fun little blaster to use, the "authentic"-like bolt action movement is always a classic. :)