Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Buzz Bee Blasters in Singapore!

New Buzz Bee blaster models are now available at Toys R Us stores in Singapore!

Retail Prices (in $SGD):

Buzz Bee Double Shot (Vertically Stacked Barrels) = SGD$26.95
Buzz Bee Hawk (Clip-fed version of the Hunter) = SGD$29.95
Buzz Bee Rads 12 (12-shot Rotating Turret Pistol) = SGD$26.95

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jakks Pacific Max Force Blasters in Singapore!

The Jakks Pacific Max Force blasters are now in Singapore!

Retail Prices (in $SGD):

Max Force Ammo Pack = SGD$5.90
Max Force Blowgun 35 = SGD$19.90
Max Force Bandolier Kit = SGD$39.90
Max Force Maximizer 60 = SGD$39.90
Max Force Terrornator 85 = SGD$69.90
Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 = SGD$79.90

Available at most major dept stores in Singapore.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photon Storm Blaster - Review!

Check out the Photon Storm Blaster!

This is an OEM brand blaster that popped up recently and i had the opportunity to get a set for review.

The Photon Storm uses a flywheel powered system to launch foam darts in semi-auto. It features 2 spinning flywheels positioned in a vertical layout.

This blaster requires 5 x AA batteries (sold separately) to operate. Simply engage the On/Off switch and the flywheels start spinning.

Every trigger pull fires one shot in a semi-auto sequence, a "dart pusher" behind the barrel pushes a foam dart in between the 2 spinning flywheels, then the flywheels will catch the tip of the foam dart and "throw" it out of the barrel. It operates on a similar principle to a tennis ball launcher.

The Photon Storm features an assault carbine style foam factor, mimicking the M4 Carbine design. It also features 20mm width tactical rails.

The blaster uses an ammo clip that can fit up to 12-13 foam darts. It is packaged with 10 x Streamline-like foam darts (solid rubber tips) and 10 x Suction-tipped foam darts.

Average stock range is around 25-30ft.

For internal photos of the Photon Storm Blaster, click Here.


Photon Storm Blaster - Box (Front)

Photon Storm Blaster - Box (Back)

Photon Storm Blaster - Un-Boxed

Photon Storm Blaster - Assembled

Photon Storm Blaster - Front View

Photon Storm Blaster - Motorized Flywheel System

Photon Storm Blaster - On/Off Switch

Photon Storm Blaster - Ammo Clip Release Button

Photon Storm Blaster - 5 x AA Batteries Required (Sold Separately)

Photon Storm Blaster - 20mm width Tactical Rails

Photon Storm Blaster - Ammo Clip (Fits Up To 12-13 Foam Darts)

Photon Storm Blaster - Ammo Clip Comparison with Nerf N-Strike Clips

Photon Storm Blaster - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Photon Storm Blaster - Scale Comparison with Nerf Recon

Photon Storm Blaster - Demo & Test-Fire Video



The Photon Storm blaster can use Nerf N-Strike Clips too. Users will just need to apply abit more force to load them in, as the clip feed opening has slightly different dimensions.

Photon Storm Blaster - With Nerf N-Strike 6-dart Clip

Photon Storm Blaster - With Nerf N-Strike 18-dart Clip

Photon Storm Blaster - With Nerf N-Strike 35-dart Drum Magazine

Note that the Photon Storm's ammo clip is not compatible with Nerf N-Strike blasters though, as it is too wide to fit.