Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mortar Pistol - Review!

Load up and blast large caliber foam "slug" ammo!

The Mortar Pistol is an air tank blaster mounted with a 6-barrel rotating turret that fires large foam "slug" ammo. It has a beefy pistol shaped form factor, but while its main body is still relatively narrow, its turret has a rather comical "over-sized" look. :)

The air tank system is filled up by an on-board pump situated at the back and nested inside the air tank. It takes around 3-4 pumps to fill up the air tank.

Its trigger system uses a large spring loaded plastic & rubber stopper assembly design. As the air tank is pressurized, the stopper assembly is held closed by the blocker catch to seal the air pressure. When the trigger is pulled, it releases the blocker catch and all the air exits at once, then the spring loaded stopper pushes back and re-seals the air tank.

This style of trigger system produces a large and immediate release of air, hence there is a loud "bang" sound every time it is fired... similar in effect to the trigger and air release system on the Marshmallow Mazooka.

The package comes with 6 x foam "slug" ammo. Average stock range is around 15-20ft (i've noticed that the included stock foam "slug" ammo seems too light in weight for this blaster, as they tend to stall or tumble randomly in mid-flight).

For internal photos of the Mortar Pistol, click Here.


Mortar Pistol - Box (Front)

Mortar Pistol - Box (Back)

Mortar Pistol - Un-Boxed

Mortar Pistol - 6-Barrel Turret with Foam "Slug" Ammo

Mortar Pistol - On-board Pump System

Mortar Pistol - Foam "Slug" Ammo vs Nerf Streamline Foam Dart

Mortar Pistol - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Mortar Pistol - Demo Video



  1. Cool, where did you get this from?

  2. How big is the pump in regards to a 2k or other blasters? (I guess I'm wondering what the ranges you got when you re barreled it.)

  3. Mohamed Ziyaad,

    I ordered it from (an online shopping portal in China).

  4. TirbyKirby,

    The pump is larger in air volume compared to an AT3K pump.

    Check out the internals guide:

    I've also re-barreled it with PETG barrels and rear loading slots too, check out the mod guide:

  5. VersatileChicken,

    I guess so, there are quite alot of different sellers with them available on the shopping portal.

  6. Could you give me the link on Taobao so I know who you bought from?

  7. [slurpmonk],

    Check at the NerfSG forum, the links are posted there.

  8. Hey SG,Is this Cosmic thruster better than the buzzsaw?

  9. 0SumGuy0,

    I guess its quieter 'cos it fires the foam ball ammo using a pull/push action, while the Buzzsaw uses a manually powered flywheel mechanism, which is much nosier.

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  11. Hey, can you please give me the link to get the Mortar Pistol because I am not a member of SG NERF. Thank you.

  12. Wksgnkmsfhnmk,

    Just register a forum account at the NerfSG forum (, its free anyways.

    You'll be able to get all the updated info there.

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