Monday, May 25, 2009

Buzz Bee Big Blast (2009) - Review!

This is the latest updated version of the Buzz Bee Big Blast!

It is mechanically the same as the previous version, except that it now features a new green/blue colour scheme, along with improved box graphics.

You can check out the more detailed review of the previous version Buzz Bee Big Blast Here.

Model Update Review:

Buzz Bee Big Blast (2009) - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Big Blast (2009) - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Big Blast (2009) - Box (Un-Boxed)

These new Big Blasts are now avaliable at all Toys R Us outlets in Singapore.

Now you can finally grab a few to counter those pesky "armoured" nerf targets (ie. foam ballistic shield players!).

Just make sure you set "foam missiles eliminate all shield/armour" rules for your nerf games! :)

When, Where & Price?
Date of Purchase: 24th May 2009
Location: Toys R Us Suntec (Singapore)
Price: SGD$24.95


  1. nice..

    do you know where to buy and the price in canada?

  2. I'm in Singapore, so i've no idea where this can be found in Canada. Best to just check around at your local stores there. :)

  3. ive seen these before you can buy them at toys r us:)

  4. could it fire the titans foam missle too?

  5. weaponhazard,

    Nope, in stock version, it can't fire Nerf Titan foam missiles, due to the different foam missile fit on the barrel stalk.

    Its possible to customise the barrel stalk to fit Titan foam missiles though, just requires the modding of a suitable adapter.

  6. right..that makes sense,adapters right..

  7. Is it me, or have big blasts been out of stock in SG for months now? I cant even find mega missile sets now. Is the big blast phased out or something? Its been months since I even seen one!

  8. Ryan =],

    Yes, Big Blasts and Mega Missiles have actually been sold out at local Toys R Us stores since mid-2010.

    But you should still be able to get the Buzz Bee Berzerker (or Barbarian) at those stores, it contains a Big Blast system within the 20-dart rotating turret blaster.