Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Faux Bow - Review!

Marky Sparky, the original creator of the classic Nerf Bow N Arrow, has released a "spiritual successor" to that popular model... with the Faux Bow!

The Faux Bow is a manual pull-back spring plunger blaster.

Users simply slot a foam arrow into the bow's front stalk, pull back the back handle, then let go to fire it. It has a special "slip roller" feature in the pull-back handle to enable optimal firing speeds.

It comes packaged with 3 x foam tipped arrows, along with an arrow clip holder. Note that the "bow strings" are non-functional, they have no effect on its performance.

I've test fired a few sets and have found that when fired parallel-to-ground, the foam tipped arrows can reach an average distance of 60+ ft, but when it is fired at a 45 degree angle-to-ground trajectory, the arrows could reach on average of up to 90+ ft. A good shot and abit of tail winds can push the range abit further at times.

So it looks like the box claims of over 100 ft range would largely depend on how users fire it and the environment it is fired in.

Overall, the Faux Bow is a fun blaster for enthusiasts and players who are looking for an updated version of the Nerf Bow N Arrow!


Faux Bow - Box (Front)

Faux Bow - Box (Back)

Faux Bow - Contents

Faux Bow - Assembled

Faux Bow - "Faux Wood" Design

Faux Bow - "Slip Roller" Pull Back Handle

Faux Bow - Foam Tipped Arrows

Faux Bow - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick


  1. Any mods planned? or chance we can see some internal pics?

  2. Hey SG, I'm a really big fan of your blogs. All four! Will you do a demo of this on your Youtube? Great work!


    there's more info here, as well as internal pics.

  4. where can i get one in singapore?is it going to come out in singapore?


    The Faux Bow is not available locally, i ordered them from and shipped them in via a 3rd party shipper.

  6. Eh, ideas... Don't attach the bow arms -- they get in the way anyway. Detaching them and the string means a more compact body. If we can get rid of that top post would even be better -- the arrows can hang off a belt, I guess.

    Direct pump action? Then it's not going to be accurate -- too much shake as you exert to pump. Would prefer a trigger group, since the bowstrings are totally non-functional.