Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spitfire - Review!

Check it out... the Spitfire!

This is a 3rd-party brand blaster that looks and functions like the Nerf Jolt, but comes in a variety of colors and has some additional features.

You can read my review of the Nerf Jolt Here.

The Spitfire's overall functionality is the same as a Nerf Jolt, the plunger tube is housed inside the trigger handle. Just load a foam dart, pull the priming handle at the bottom downwards, then pull the trigger to fire.

Although it's exterior design is similar to the Nerf Jolt, there are some differences in the casing parts. It comes with a handy metal clip and also has an additional plastic snap clip feature at the trigger guard.

The package comes with 3 x suction-tipped foam darts and it is compatible with Nerf foam darts too. It also comes with a plastic ammo holder and some cardboard stand-up targets.

The average stock range is also approx. 25-30ft.


Spitfire - Model Colors (Red/Blue/Yellow/Green)

Spitfire - Pack (Front)

Spitfire - Pack (Back)

Spitfire - Contents

Spitfire - Assembled

Spitfire - Side View with Metal Clip

Spitfire - Snap Clip Feature at Trigger Guard

Spitfire - Comparison with Nerf Jolt (Side)

Spitfire - Comparison with Nerf Jolt (Back)

Spitfire - Variety of Colors

Multi-color madness! :)


  1. That's actually pretty cool. Can it Vacuum load darts like a Jolt?

  2. MacTrekkie,

    Yup, it also vacuum loads too. Same performance as the Jolt. :)

  3. Are these available in SG? Also, unrelated, but are Double Shots available in SG as well?

  4. ion.homedawg,

    I've not spotted them in Singapore so far, i got them from an overseas seller.

    Buzz Bee Double shots are available locally, but they are the newer versions with the barrels in a vertical arrangement (instead of the side-by-side arrangement in older versions).

  5. is the plunger tube the she dimensions? (it is certainly uglier than the jolt, if that were possible)

  6. wanna-be,

    Yup, both their plunger dimensions are the same.

  7. Thankyou, also you should do a mod guide (dead space removal, nested brass, spring replacement, reinforcement) with the right spring, dart and lube, these babies go '70 flat. (assuming they are intact identical to the jolt, I suggest it be for the either this or the Jolt)

  8. Lanh, Duc, Joey & Sydney Nguyen-Khoa,

    They worked out to approx. SGD$10 each after factoring in shipping from overseas... similar in total cost to original Nerf Jolts ordered from overseas too.

  9. Is there any link to the seller you could provide?

  10. MacTrekkie,

    Here is a link to one of the sellers at

  11. Spitfire vs Jolt - Which do you perfer? Is the spitfire's build quality as good as the jolt's?

    1. Bednesti,

      I still prefer the Jolt, overall design is nicer, plus its logos are molded and painted on... compared to the Spitfire which just uses sticker decals.

    2. Thanks for the fast reply :)

  12. Can the Spitfire's dart holder used in Jolt?

    1. Anonymous,

      Its possible, as both blasters have similar dimensions.