Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Batman Triple Barrel Grapnel in Singapore!

Batman Triple Barrel Grapnel spotted at Toys R Us in Singapore!

Retail Price (in $SGD): SGD$39.90


  1. I picked up one of these... it's shell is a nice design, but internally, zero modding potential using the stock internals.

  2. looks like its bug enough for an air tank of some sort. be cool to put splitfire inernals in there.

  3. Noobatron365 from CA nerf,
    Any way i could get my hands on a buzz bee overlord chain?(about 3 would suffice for the mod I have done.) Also the pictures in the "prove you are not a robot" thing are about 240P so its difficult to read the numbers.

    1. Noobatron365,

      Buzz Bee does not seem to sell their blaster ammo belts separately.

      Not sure what you are referring to about the pictures in the "prove you are not a robot" thing, i don't remember posting anything about it.

    2. Nerf SG,

      Noobatron365 is saying that when an Anonymous user (like myself) posts something on any of your Foam Blaster/Super Soaker blogs, he/she would need to type in certain words shown in a picture to prove that he/she is not a bot, but the picture is very unclear. Hope this helps!

  4. SGNerf,
    Spotted some "Hot Shots Pro" blasters at Toa Payoh NTUC Fairprice at $14.90 which you might be interested in.

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