Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Review!

Looking for something compact, yet packs a punch?

Check out the Buzz Bee Mega Missile!

The Mega Missile comes with 2 x foam missiles with stabilizer fins. It uses a compressed air system which is filled via a rear pump handle. The odd thing to note is that this pump handle has an very short pump action (just an inch of travel) and it'll need around 12-15 pumps to fill up its pressure tank.

Aimed horizontally, the firing range isn't fantastic, achieving a distance of only around 20+ feet.

The trick is to aim it at a higher trajectory, it's foam missile has more "air time" to travel and can soar to a much further range, reaching to a distance of 30+ feet quite accurately.

Be careful where you aim it when indoors though, the foam missiles carry more mass than foam darts, they can easily knock over small picture frames and vases! :)


Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Box (Front)

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Box (Back)

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Un-Boxed

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Ammo Scale Comparison

Buzz Bee Mega Missile - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

I guess you could think of it as a miniature short-range version of the Nerf Titan! :)

When, Where & Price?
Date of Purchase: 10th December 2008
Location: Toys R Us Paragon (Singapore)
Price: SGD$14.95


  1. Would this have the same close range (think 10 ft.) power as the titan?

  2. It doesn't have the same power as a Titan, the Mega Missile's foam missile velocity is much slower and firing distance is much shorter too.

    But its small and compact, easy to carry around. :)

  3. what do you prefer?

    the big blast or this thing?

  4. In terms of power per shot, definitely the Big Blast. But the Mega Missile is very compact in size, so it still makes for a handy little missile launcher. :)

  5. Is the Mega Missile still available in Singapore?

  6. P13c30fch33s3,

    I've not spotted them at local Toys R Us stores since last year, so i guess they are sold out locally.