Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Arrows - Review!

For Bow n' Arrow fans, check out the Super Arrows!

Just to clarify, these are "off-brand" oem versions of the Buzz Bee Power Bow (named the Super Arrows), other than different brand stickers, foam arrow colour and grip material, both versions are identical in overall design and operation.

The is a compact blaster that uses a spring plunger mechanism without trigger lock (like the classic Nerf Bow n' Arrow). Just load in the foam arrow, pull back the rear handle and release to fire. For best performance, this blaster is designed to be aimed at a higher trajectory, like a bow. Range is around 25+ feet.

It's arms can be extended or folded for easy portability. Note that the bow strings are only for mock effect, they don't affect the firing power.

One more thing... the Super Arrows is actually compatible with Nerf foam darts too! :)


Super Arrows - Box (Front)

Super Arrows - Box (Back)

Super Arrows - Bow Arms Extended & Folded

Super Arrows - Scale Comparison with Maverick

Super Arrows - Ammo Scale Comparison

Super Arrows - Compatible with Nerf Foam Darts

Super Arrows - Test Fire Video:

Btw, in the video, i didn't hold the front handle grip so as to provide a clearer view of the foam darts. :)

These short bows actually remind me of those compact recurve bows used by mongol raiders on horseback!

When, Where & Price?
Date of Purchase: 10th March 2009
Location: OG Orchard (Singapore)
Price: SGD$7.90


  1. I got it for SGD$7.90 a few weeks ago, but i recently spotted it on sale for just SGD$5.00 at Carrefour Suntec. :)

  2. would you know where to get one in B.C. Canada?

  3. I'm in Singapore, so i've no idea where this can be found in Canada. Best to just check around at your local stores there. :)

  4. are you sure its a buzz bee gun? ive googled "buzz bee power bow and got nothing but your review.

  5. Yup, the Buzz Bee Power Bow used to be listed on Buzz Bee's product website, but recently its details were removed, so i guess its been discontinued.

  6. how highly would you rate the lanard blast bow?
    i can get one quite cheap but i am wondering if it is worth it.

    do you have to mod it to shoot stock nerf darts?

    what mods can be done?

    what is stock range with nerf darts (or modded, if it can't shoot darts stock?

  7. Lanard Blast Bow? Well, i've not used that particular blaster before so I can't really comment on it.

    But I guess just like most spring plunger powered blasters, it should be possible to install stronger springs and mod it to shoot foam darts too.

  8. do they still have it in stock?if so,does OG orchard have it?

  9. weaponhazard,

    I've not spotted this blaster in stores for quite a while.

    Looks like you'd just have to scout around to find them.

  10. What are the ranges of nerf darts and the arrows.

  11. John,

    Both the foam arrows and nerf foam darts reached an average range of around 25+ ft.

  12. is the range for this the same for nerf darts as the arrow things?

    1. Iron Archer,

      Both ammo types get similar ranges.