Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Review!

Many of us have probably strolled past the Spy Gear shelves at our local stores many times but paid scant heed to their little gadgets on display...

Well, there is one item that should definitely warrant attention: Spy Gear Signal Launcher!

The Signal Launcher uses a compressed air system filled by a pump handle in the front. It comes with 3 x Foam Missiles (with Alert, Caution & Recon features) which emit whistling sounds in flight.

The packaging and build quality is surprisingly professional, its box carton is even contoured to fit the various components and the launcher feels solid.

Okay I shall say it upfront: This is by far the most powerful compact foam missile launcher i've ever tested! For its compact size, it could almost match the much bigger Nerf Titan in raw power and foam missile velocity!

At just 10-12 pumps, firing range is a blazing 45+ feet! Easily more if fired at a high trajectory... the foam missiles get shot out at such a high velocity that you'll be amazed at the sheer speed. Just get one and try it out, you'll see what i mean!

In addition, it is fully compatible with Buzz Bee foam missiles too!

Overall, the Spy Gear Signal Launcher is by far the most surprising foam missile launcher that i've ever encountered... who knew such a compact pump launcher could contain so much power? :)


Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Box (Front)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Box (Back)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Un-Boxed

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Profile (Alert, Caution & Recon Foam Missiles)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Assembled (Foam Missiles in Clip Holders)

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Scale Comparison with Nerf Maverick

Spy Gear Signal Launcher - Compatible with Buzz Bee Foam Missiles!

Imho... this is indeed an amazing compact foam missile launcher, highly recommended! :)


  1. is it safe for shooting at others?

  2. Well, the box states that it is recommended for kids ages 6+ and above, so its designed to be safe for active play.

    The foam missiles are made of soft spongy material. At close range, the impact is similiar to being hit by a thrown soft tennis ball.

    Although it is okay for adults and older kids, its still best to take care when playing with this blaster around small children or animals, they may get startled or lose their balance. ;)

  3. whats best?

    the nerf titan,the buzz bee big blast,the buzz bee mega missile, or this thing?

  4. In terms of overall stock power per shot, i'd say the Titan would be the best, followed by the Signal Launcher, then the Big Blast, and finally the Mega Missile.

  5. This thing is comonly banned at nerf wars because of its capabilits, just to point out.

  6. Chriz,

    Good point there... in stock form, if its just used for firing the included foam missiles as originally intended, its still okay to use for games.

    On the other hand, if these blasters are modified with a single barrel to fire foam darts instead (what nerfers commonly term as "singled"), the foam dart velocity is very fast, and if the foam dart tips are not cushioned with soft padding, the impact will be quite hard at close range, hence modded "singled" versions are usually not allowed in most games.

  7. IT??!?!!!?!?!?

  8. William,

    I got them at the major department stores in Singapore.

  9. which department store did you get it and for how much?

  10. BM sec 1 floorballers,

    I got them at Metro and OG stores, but that was more than a year ago, and I have not seen them on local store shelves lately. So I guess you'll have to scout around for them.

  11. how do you mod for more distance