Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zombie Defence Kit!

Okay, abit of a sidetrack... my office has been watching a marathon of zombie movies recently and i finally finished reading the most excellent "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. So we're into the whole zombie thing the past few days.

I managed to rummage through my office halloween party storage box and found one of the plastic toy machettes we used for zombie hunter costumes.

Therefore... i'd like to present the Zombie Defence Kit!

Grab a copy of "The Zombie Survival Guide"... be prepared!

Note the resemblence of our Defence Kit vs the Book Cover? Haha... :)


  1. If u make the shotgun black and brown like the remington it would be perfect. and make the pistol into a desert eagle u would rule the zombies

  2. where can i buy nerf guns in singapore

    thanks for the info

  3. You can get Nerf blasters at all department stores in singapore now.

    For more info on the latest Nerf models avaliable in stores. Check out my Nerf review & resource site:


  4. You could get a Longstrike after they come out and it would be closer to the book cover.

  5. Yeah, it's shape does bear some similarity.

    Some people have also mentioned that the Buzz Bee Rapid Fire blaster also looks similiar to the M1 Carbine rifle shown on the book cover too. :)

  6. You know, there is a game played at a ton of colleges in the U.S. called Humans vs Zombies. The fun thing is that you use Nerf guns in it. It's so popular that even a campus in Australia hosts games.

    Check it out:

    There are even a bunch of youtube videos of some games being played.

  7. TechWolf,

    Yup, HvZ games are fun, especially amongst a large group of players.

    I've had the opportunity to participate in a month long HvZ game with Nerf blasters at my office a while back, everyone had a blast... at the end the zombies won! :)

  8. SG Nerf,

    Wow! That is a long time. Normally, a game is set for a week. Sadly for me, I haven't played it and can't seem to find a place close by that hosts it. But I'm preparing for it. And I'll admit, you help me out by reviewing dart guns that can prove useful in a game.

  9. Zombies should win most HvZ games, if humans win it, they should earn it. Ash Williams (Evil Dead) is a good example of a human earning it

  10. I just got the book because of this! Great book. I highly recommend that book! Its gonna get you into the zombie topic FOREVER!

  11. But that book has an M1 Carbine on it! Get a semi-auto dart rifle, with a box mag, and then start talking.

  12. Could you use an axe instead of a machete or what would be good instead